Thursday, November 23, 2017

The liars who attack the victims or how Suze Foss confessed to being a piece of s**t

I'm getting really tired of seeing women who come forward be attacked.

And I mean that.

I'm not a cheap ugly whore like Lizz Winstead who Tweeted that before the revelations about Al Franken came out and has never, ever commented.

Of course, our lovely pathetic Lizz basically ran Air America.  You may remember that female bloggers didn't get invited to the table.  Men did.  Men got to be on every program.  But our feminist Lizz didn't need to provide Amanda Marcotte or any other women who were blogging at that time with a platform.   We were supposed to be gratified that a blogger like Bill Scher would mention his gal "the Snow White of the left" (we were told on air).

Lizz is a lying hypocrite:

My heart goes out to the brave women who came forward. When you expose a publicly beloved person for wrong doing, you get blamed. Turns out, If you are publicly humiliated by a beloved person, you ALSO get blamed. That's why we don't come forward, we're punished no matter what.

But she's not Tweeting about Al, is she?  Guess he's a little too "beloved" for Lizz.

Now let's turn to Suze Foss who should be condemned for what she's done.

We'll, well...what have we here???? Al Franken's ACCUSER!!!

Well, well, what have we here, a liar, a piece of trash named Suze Foss.

That's supposed to be Leeann Tweeden in the photo above -- the first woman to accuse Al Franken.

It's not.

Those aren't her boobs and her face doesn't look right does it?

That's because her face has been cropped on to that picture that has been all over the internet -- with the real woman's face -- for over a year now.

Here's the actual photo -- not the doctored one that trash Suze Foss posted.

real photo

The photos below are not visible but I'm leaving them in and you can click on any square below and see the original photo -- a photo that's been on the internet for over a year and does not have Leeann Tweeden's face in it until it was doctored this month by liars.

I don't have all day to do the work Suze Foss should have but click here for an October 2016 post at GOP Briefing with that photo (scroll through) or here for it at THE DAILY KOS also in October of 2016 -- again, it's not Leeann Tweeden.  Her face has been superimposed on the photo so that liars like Suze Foss can smear her and attack her character because she had the nerve to tell the truth about their wet dream Al Franken.

Suze Foss and anyone else who posted the doctored photo with Leeann's face pasted over the actual woman is a lying piece of crap who should be recognized around the internet as a dishonest broker and a full on liar.

It's hard enough to come forward when you've been attacked without having to deal with a bunch of liars.

And Lizz, stop pretending you have women's backs.  You don't.  You only have the backs of women who accuse Republicans.

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P.S. Suze Foss is a bigger lying whore than I thought.  An e-mail just came in noting Foss posted the false photo twice.

That she has to lie to try to save Al Franken goes to how guilty Al actually is -- and what a piece of trash Suze is.